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30 YEARS ON THE RUN: The Hunt For The Most Prolific Bank Robber In History is currently available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions…

You can also purchase the book directly from our publisher, Book Baby…

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What is Law Enforcement saying about the book?

I met FBI Special Agent Ray Carr in January of 1998, in a training session.  We immediately meshed and formed a bond, which is strong to this day.  Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working investigations with Ray, as well as utilizing his talents to consult on investigations I was working on, in which he offered suggestions and investigative strategies.  More often than not, these cases ended in a successful resolution.

When Ray gave me the opportunity to read his book, 30 Years on the Run, The Hunt for the Most Prolific Bank Robber in History, I was elated.  I knew of the investigation and, also, knew it consumed a great portion of his time. 

I believe one advantage I had in reading the book, was, knowing Ray personally, I was able to read it with Ray’s voice in my head as if he were narrating it.  I believe I, as well as anyone who knows Ray, was able to pick up on small words and phrases in which he projects his great sense of humor. 

The book itself is an easy read, holding my attention, from start to finish.  I believed I knew a lot regarding Ray’s upbringing and personal life.  However, Ray truly bears all, giving great insight into his inner workings and strong faith and beliefs.  This, I believe, bears an explanation into Ray’s tenacity, intellect, and work ethic, which he not only brings to every investigation, but to everything he endeavors. 

The story is laid out in such a way that it not only holds the reader’s interest but is easy to follow and quite entertaining.  Ray tells the story of every facet of this remarkably interesting investigation, as well as post-investigation facts. 

I am extremely proud to call Ray Carr my friend, and highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to read true crime stories. 

Detective Sergeant David McDonald
Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division
Haverford Township Police Department (Retired)

This is an enjoyable story. Ray’s narrative makes you feel you are directly there. He describes his youth, his career in the FBI, and his family all of which made him an exceptional agent. He also defines what led Carl Gugasian into the life he chose and reveals how their worlds came together through their chosen paths.

More succinctly, Ray shows how both he and Gugasian revealed an appropriate respect for each other from post-arrest to conviction. You can feel the story as you read because Ray’s writing is natural. This story is well worth the read.

Scott P Davis
Supervisor Diversion Investigator
DEA Philadelphia

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